I hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season in whatever way you choose to celebrate, and whatever it is that you celebrate!

I grew up celebrating Christmas but haven’t been into the Holiday’s, in general, for years.  I spent yesterday on a boat fishing!  Well, I didn’t make it to the fishing part as I got seasick and ended up waiting on an Island.  Bummer – not really!  It was very pleasant to watch the Pelicans and listen to the waves.

Do you do a year-end Review?  I highly recommend looking at the past year – review goals and accomplishments.  Get specific about what worked and didn’t work.  Then set some goals and intentions for 2018.  We only have 5 days left in 2017 and to me, the energies are already gearing up to start 2018 with a ROAR!

I spent some time a week ago answering 27 questions about my life and biz that really put 2017 in perspective!  It was really good to get honest with myself and see exactly what I had accomplished (a LOT more than I originally thought!) and where I will make improvements.

If you want some in-depth one-on-one mentoring, check out my new Monthly Intuitive Mentoring program where we deep dive into your goals, clear any blocks and get you Roaring toward your Authentic Life!  There are only a couple spots left!  This one-on-one work will get you clarity on your next baby steps, get you trusting your intuition more, and help you move forward faster (because of all the energy healing/clearing of blocks we’ll be doing!).

Here’s to your ROAR!

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