Four years ago today (July 18, 2014), I was busy reserving hotel rooms and transportation for my December 2014 2.5-week vacation to Belize.

Intuition led me to choose Belize.  It was between Costa Rica and Belize, both in Central America.  Both had been visited before but this time the potential to stay was going to be 100%.  I felt too close to the situation (clearly, it was my life!) so I asked my Mentor, Michele, what her vibe was.  She immediately intuited Belize.

I spent the previous Christmas in Costa Rica and really worried about not speaking Spanish.  Belize’s official language is English so I felt pretty good about that.  I tuned into my on Intuition and Belize jumped out at me as the right place.

I had been to Belize in 2013 so I started tuning in intuitively and energetically to all the places I’d visited.  Placencia jumped out at me.  I ran it by my Mentor and she got a “yes” to it as well.  It was decided – I was checking out Belize again, specifically Placencia!  I began making travel plans.

Two weeks after I booked everything, during an Energy Healing session with Michele it became quite clear to me that Belize would be like Egypt for me – a place where I would feel/be myself and exude confidence.  I was giddy with excitement.  Living in Egypt was a great experience and I was pleased that Belize would be similar.

Deciding to visit Belize again, and possibly stay to live there, was like turning my Intuitive Switch ON to MAXIMUM.  Later I recognized that the decision of going to Belize is when I started using and trust Intuition 100% in my life.

I began to receive lots of Intuitive Information about Placencia, what I would do there, who I would meet, and what my life would look like.  Both My Guides and Intuition (yes, they are separate things) told me I wouldn’t return to Seattle after I arrived in Belize.  Honestly, I didn’t pay much attention because the year prior (2013), I spent a month in Costa Rica and Panama with intuition one day saying, “Yes stay” and the next day, “No, don’t stay.”

I began a physical purge of all of my worldly possessions.  My treasures!  I either donated, trashed, sold or put my things in storage.  It was a very emotional time and the process of it took months.

I dreamt of having a house with a library and suddenly I’ve gotten rid of 40 boxes of books.  Having no children of my own to hand things down to, my childhood games, toys, and dolls were donated.  I have not regretted letting go of any of that stuff.

I began the process of selling my house, The Babe Pad, where I had spent a glorious 10 years living close to Lake Washington, in the Juanita/Kirkland suburb of Seattle.

Suddenly, I was receiving interviews within Boeing, where I had been trying to find a new position for 5 years!!!  The Universe has a great sense of humor, doesn’t it!  Long Beach, CA and Mesa, AZ were knocking on my door.  And I considered these locations – it would get me out of the cold Pacific Northwest winters.  But, staying with Boeing wasn’t what I was supposed to do.

Instead, out of the blue, a local Boeing position opened up and I took that because it allowed me to work to home (yay for a normal commute!) and out of the Factory setting.  I feel the change in positions was another “letting go” layer of my life at that time.

The house sold.  Everything I kept was nicely tucked away in a 10×6 storage space.  With a suitcase of warm clothes waiting in The Blue Stealth Bomber (my car) in case I came back, I left on my vacation.

I arrived in Hopkins, Belize on Christmas Day, 2014.  I stayed a few days in a cute bungalow, soaking up the sun and being eaten alive by sand fleas (don’t get me started!) before I headed to Placencia.  A week into my stay both my Guides and Intuition were STILL telling me I wasn’t leaving.  I talked to my hotel host who happened to know of someone needing to sublet their apartment in the village.  One decision after the other and intuition still screaming now to stay, I took the leap, quit my job at Boeing, and stayed.

I asked myself, “If not now, when?”  I’d been talking about doing this for years.  I was 45 and looking for something MORE in my life.  So, I took the Leap and stayed.  What a feeling!!!  ROAR!!!

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Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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