Clairempathy is a very important Psychic Gift and I rank it right up there with the main 4 “clairs” (French for ‘clear’) that are Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Claircognizance (clear knowing) and Clairsentience (clear feeling).

While most people have empathy, clairempathy takes regular empathy to a deeper, more energetic level.

Empathy is when you have the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Examples of empathy would be hearing about a friend’s car accident or break-up and you would be feeling bad for them – that they went through it or that it happened.

Clairempathy is when you not only feel others, but you energetically perceive or sense their emotions, thoughts or symptoms.  Clairempaths clearly read the energy vibrations of people, places, and things.

Examples of clairempathy would be when you hear about a friend’s car accident and you feel the fear and other emotions that occurred during the accident.  You may feel shaken up or even physically sore in the same areas as your friend.  When your friend tells you about an upsetting break-up you would sense the pain and anguish your friend felt.

Clairempaths experience inexplicable emotions or symptoms of others.  They sense sudden, dramatic shifts or changes in emotion, mood, and physical energy.  They have an intense awareness of the emotional states of others.

I once met a girlfriend for lunch and she shared some upsets about her relationship, to the extent that she was crying (I’d never seen her cry before).  My heart went out to her.  I felt bad for her and what she was going through. The next three days I was in a really bad mood.  I felt extremely bummed and I couldn’t shake it.  I finally realized that I was feeling her pain and sadness!  As a clairempath, I had completely taken on her mood and feelings.

To practice your Clairempathy:

  • Throughout the day, start noticing if your mood suddenly shifts.  Jot impressions down in your Intuition Notebook.  Chances are you are picking up someone else!  See if you can pinpoint the person you were around who might have been feeling this mood or energy level.
  • The best question an empath can ask themselves is, “Is this [mood, energy shift, feeling] Mine?”  Get in the habit of asking this daily, especially if you were around someone and experienced a mood shift.
  • Tune in to the people, animals or things around you.  What do you pick up?  What do you sense?  Jot it down in your Intuition Notebook.

Discovering your Clairempathy can be very empowering.  Once you are able to distinguish between what is yours versus someone else’s, it makes your energy a lot more manageable.

If you would like more mentoring on your Intuitive Gifts, the Jyllicious™ Academy of Spiritual Growth is open for enrollment!  We discuss and practice all of the Clairs and this month (July 2018) we will be working on connecting with our Spirit Guides.

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