(Each week I tune into the energy of my Community and channel a message. This message is just for YOU if you are reading this!)

Dear Ones,

We invite you to take stock on what is frustrating you in your life, or what isn’t working.

Are you too busy?  Are you not getting enough downtime?  Are you battling some emotional or physical problems?  Are you not where you want to be?  Are you not doing what your soul sings about?  Write it all down.

Now take some time to sit with those feelings.  Feeeeeel around in the energy and feelings of this frustration.  Yes, it feels yucky butpull it all up so we can release and eliminate.

There.  Now the Healing can begin.  Breathe into the feelings.  Breathe into the Frustration.  As you do so, imagine light coming down into your body with each breath.  What color is this light?  Whatever color you see is the exact, perfect color you need.

Breathe that light in through your whole body.  See it and feel it cascade down from the top of your head out the bottom of your feet, taking with it all the feeling of frustration.

Keep breathing.  In through your nose.  Out through your mouth.

Do this for twenty (yes 20!!) breaths with the color visualization and let us know how you feel afterward!

Here’s to your ROAR!

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