Dear One,

Go deep inside and know that you have ALL ANSWERS within you.  They may be hidden behind something else or need to be dusted off, but they are there!

Give yourself some more credit – like A LOT MORE – for knowing who you are and what you want.  You aren’t fooling anyone by not embracing your complete and utter Amazingness.

Find that place inside you that doubts.  Sit with it.  Ask it what it wants you to know.  Do you see or feel the layers of doubt falling away and exposing the core?

The core is what is worth focusing on, not the layers of deceit around it (though those are what you choose to focus on and believe).

The core will show you the way.  The core will enlighten and impress upon you the things you could do, the changes you could make, the interests you could start embracing.

The core will show you the JOY.  There is JOY waiting for you at the Core.

Take a load off.  Be Gentle with yourself.  Create more time for you to do what makes your heart sing.  Start small, with Baby Steps.
Here’s to YOUR ROAR!

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