It’s a cloudy, windy morning in Belize.  The birds are chirping and rustling about.  Puppy is on the porch snoozing (cracks me up how she goes from inside to outside with no potty break!).  I connected with some Friends on Whatsapp this morning – felt good.

I’m starting to feel a shift in the energy, are you?  It’s almost the end of 2017, which for me was an exhausting year with my body being sick and needing more rest.  I also endured a lot of internal processing and up-leveling.

Let’s see what the Guides want to tell us:

2017 has been a big year for shedding old beliefs, old behaviors and anything old that no longer resonates with your Soul Vibration.

You are constantly growing and changing.  As Souls this work is constant.  How much you can handle or take on as a physical being varies.  All of you are on a path to Becoming that Self your Soul wants to emanate from the inside out.

This is a year of changes – big or small – of LETTING GO.  You may have found that you are seeking answers Inside more than outside of yourself.  Trust your gut.  Trust the shifts you are feeling.

Take time to be in the Moment, to Go With The Flow, to realize that The Facts Don’t Count.  You have ALL within you to make decisions.  Sometimes the answers need time to come to the surface.  This is all okay.  Breathe into the Flow.

2018 energy is all about standing in our Power and Truth.  Speaking our mind.  Being seen for Who we really are.  If you have been waiting to show up in your own life – there is no better time than NOW.

Start owning your path.  Own your desires and gifts and skills and wants.  Own your experiences, learn and move forward.  Stop hesitating.  Start moving in the direction of those things that you want.

We’re proud of you for the efforts you have made, each and every one of you.  Now take it to the next level and truly commit to what you want and take those Baby Steps each day to make it happen!

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