From age 20-32 I didn’t really like my Birthday very much (long story).  The last few years I’ve really enjoyed my Birthday.  I have thrown myself a party at my favorite dance club with my favorite band, the Afrodisiacs (70s/disco).  This year I was excited about my party and invited friends old and new.  I had a new blouse that had been sitting in the closet for a few months waiting for a Dancing occasion – oh yeah, I had lost my dance groove a few months ago which is unheard of!  Luckily, I got it back out of the blue a few months ago when the Happy Hour turned into Late hHour and the DJ came on… Anyway, a lot of people had plans and some got sick… my two gal-pals Deb and Trisha were there with me at 7:30 surrounded by 4 reserved tables and a pool table.  Time kept on ticking and no one showed up!  Brutal huh?  Deb and I played pool (I don’t think we did too bad, but she thought we played horribly) while Trisha was camera woman.  We enjoyed people watching and then the band came out!  At about that time I was texting some of the guy friends not to bother coming because a) they don’t dance, b) there would be no one to talk to since Deb and Trisha were leaving or c) they don’t like the Shark club.  Deb left after she danced one song.  I found some other girlfriends who follow the Afros so we danced.  Trisha was leaving so I texted Super Steve to come pick me up at midnight but then Tan (an acquaintance I met through Trisha) came and brought friends – mind you, they traveled from Kent and Federal Way.  He told me I had to stay longer, so I enlisted him to drive me home.  Steve showed up about 1 am with Cookies and cards – that rocked!  Shortly afterward I said I was ready to go home.  DanE was on my couch when I got home (his condo had a water leak so he crashes at the Babe Pad when he wants a break from his other place).  I guess he was headed into the Shark when I texted not to come!  Anyway, he had apple pie and ice cream waiting for me.  It was really interesting nice and just another manifestation/continuation of the shift in Friendships over the past year. 

Deb and I and possibly Trisha are heading out to Karaoke tonight for another pre-birthday celebration.  Tomorrow is my Birthday and I’ve taken the day off (of course!  I don’t believe in working on my Birthday!) and will pamper myself and get ready for my trip to Arizona.  At 3 pm Happy Hour begins and who knows where the night will lead after that!  I will spend all next week reflecting and meditation in the Sedona area.  I really want to have some Supernatural Growth this year and meet some people who will add some inspiration and meaning to my life – at a deeper level than what I have going on now.  Roar!

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