We are in the Super Full Moon (in Cancer) Partial Solar Eclipse Energy.  How do you feeeeeeeeeeel?  Seriously.  Tell me.

My ‘funk’ (I’m really not sure what to call this strange mood – a combo of blah, bummed, annoyed, angsty, pissy at times, grumpy, keep to myself quiet, and feeeeling changes roll in not knowing what or how so I guess I’d call that confusion?) has been still in full swing since the June 13 Super New Moon.

I’m working on being more ‘vulnerable’ and ‘authentic’ in the ‘not so good’ times, so there you go.  I walk my talk.  I tell it like it is (nicely) and what you see is what you get with me.  All that to say I remember writing to you about starting to exercising again and now I write to tell you that I fell off my 30-day Ab Challenge after day 21.

Life happened, as it does for all of us.  My body wanted to rest, not expend energy.  I’m all for listening to my body but the other day when I got a reminder from this app (gee thanks) that it had been FORTY-TWO DAYS since I last exercised, I was annoyed but also prompted to do something about it.

I mean crimes, I was participating in a 30-day Money Manifesting Challenge, and on July 1 started a 30-day Blog Writing Challenge, AND started a 5-day Visibility Challenge on Monday.

RetyiRetyi / Pixabay

I said to myself, “10-minutes of exercise wouldn’t kill me.  I’m doing all these other things…”  And I promptly, a bit lazily, did ONE out of two sets of the ab exercises.  Baby Steps.

The next day was a rest day (I laughed at that and considered skipping it) so today I was back to it.  I skipped a couple exercises and started thinking about how I do well with running and will start doing that.

It wasn’t glamorous and I wasn’t in full commitment, but I started.  That’s all it takes.  One Baby Step in the direction you want to go.

After participating in the Money Challenge I’m convinced now more than ever how daily action habits impact our overall success.

This could be a daily, morning routine.  We all have one if we are getting ready to go to work for the day.

This could be a daily Spiritual practice – journaling, gratitude, affirmations, meditation, visualization.

Jylly’s Vibe Notebook

This could be a daily Intuitive practice – channeled writing, tuning into your Guides, tuning into your Intuition, writing things down in your Intuition / VIBE Notebook (subliminal message/hint!).

Break that goal down into sections and actionable pieces.  Break those down into Baby Steps.


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