A Mentoring program that helps you Navigate your Soul Journey and teaches you what your Spiritual Gifts are and how to trust your Soul Wisdom (Intuition).


You want to figure out HOW you are Intuitive and use it in your everyday life!

You want to use your Intuition but you aren’t sure if you are making it up.

You don’t really trust yourself that what you are getting is Real or if you are losing it!

You need a safe place with like-minded people to discover, practice, and hone your skills.

Jyll Hoyrup Psychic Healer mentors you on your Soul Journey


Imagine how freeing it will feel to get messages for yourself that you trust with confidence!

Imagine having your own Intuitive Dictionary of Signs, Symbols, Meanings, and Definitions that you can easily decipher – because they are YOURS!

Imagine knowing that you KNOW that you KNOW that you KNOW — you aren’t losing your mind!

“ROAR!!!  Since mentoring with Jyll for a year I have improved my Intuition and connection with Animals.  She has helped me face my fears and move forward in life with gratitude!”


Toronto, Canada


No more doubts or fears!  You will gain TRUST and CONFIDENCE in your Intuition!

You will quickly recognize your Intuition and the messages given.

Use your own Inner Guidance to navigate your Life and Biz decisions!!

Personalized Tools and Group Support!


Jyll Hoyrup Psychic Healer mentors you on your Soul Journey

“In the short time I’ve been a member in the Academy of Spiritual Growth I have seen a big jump in my intuitive abilities. I’ve always known I am clairaudient and claircognizant. I wasn’t aware of clairempathy, though. Turns out clairempathy is my strongest gift. After Jyll explained it to me, I decided to check out this new gift because I wasn’t entirely sure of it. Boy, did I get an education from my guides!! I learned how strong clairempathy can be and also got an uptick in the other clairs. The biggest kick I got was my clairvoyance going from 0% to 5% in a week. Turns out being aware and open works wonders, who knew?  😁  I would recommend the Academy to anyone interested in exploring themselves and their spiritual gifts. Jyll is an excellent teacher, patient, too!”

Linda Simmons

Beaverton, Oregon, USA

Intuitive Assessment

After you sign up, I will intuitively and energetically tune into you  and provide you with a report on the following:

      • Your Intuitive Gifts – how you are intuitive, including the percentage.
      • This gives you a starting point so we can track your progress!
      • Each quarter you will receive an updated Assessment.
      • Where you are at on your Spiritual Journey



1 Lesson

  • Each month I’ll teach a lesson.
  • Lessons will be on Soul Journey, Awakening, Transformation, tapping into our Divine Gifts, Intention setting and Manifesting, etc.
  • Lessons will include a recommended way to practice and play.
  • Lessons may include an Energetic Prescription, or homework.
  • The best way to expand your Gifts is to Practice, Practice, Practice!!
  • Lessons will be posted in the Facebook Group.

    Q&A Coaching

    • Bouncing ideas, Intuition, and problems off of a Mentor is very important as you navigate your Soul Journey, stepping more into your Power and your ROAR.  Having Intuitive Guidance can’t hurt either!
    • 1 LIVE Q&A to answer all the questions that are popping up!
    • Each LIVE will be available in our Private Facebook Group for your viewing pleasure

      Intuitive Guidance

      • Getting confirmation on your Intuition is a huge part of gaining trust and confidence in yourself.
      • 1 LIVE Intuitive Guidance – Let’s have some fun and give each other Intuitive Readings!  I will be right there to help you decipher what your Intuition is telling you!
      • Each Video Call will be recorded and posted in our Facebook Group for your reviewing pleasure.

        Community Support

        • Being a part of a private Community will allow for deep learning and connection.
        • Share Struggles, Successes, Ideas, and Your Gifts.
        • Ask questions, practice your Intuition, and use your intuition to help others.
        • Receive Support, Guidance, Insight and a Sense of Belonging.

          “I was just sitting down this morning kind of looking back on my past year and my growth. I was looking through some things and noticed that the biggest part of my growth really took off when I joined your academy. When I joined your academy I was just hoping to get a better understand of my gifts and to improve on my readings. I had no clue at all that my abilities also included being ‘Psychic’. I’d always just thought my gift was to be a medium. Since your academy, I’ve grown and developed so much more, it’s almost insane to think about. I owe a lot of my growth to you and I just wanted to send you an e-mail and thank you, for all of your help, especially when I really needed it the most. I’m actively using my gifts daily and hope that it’s leading me down a path where I can ultimately walk away from Corporate America (something I NEVER thought was possible until after your academy).  So, thank you! For helping me grow and develop into what I am today. You will always be someone to think and talk about when I look at the start of my spiritual journey.” 

          Abby Iseminger

          Missouri, USA

          This is for you if…

          • You want real-time Guidance as you Navigate your Soul Journey.
          • You want to learn more about your Spiritual Gifts — understand what they are, how to work with them, and how to improve them.
          • You want to share your Gifts with the World but aren’t sure what it could look like (we figure this out Together!).
          • You want to dive deep and really Grow and live Authentically.  Soul-Roar!
          • You want to have FUN while learning!

          By Joining You Will Feel:

          • Supported — You CAN DO IT!
          • Accomplished & Empowered (because you ARE doing it!)
          • Excited about your progress!
          • More TRUST and CONFIDENCE in your Intuition



          As a Master Psychic and Intuitive Healer, Jyll helps people discover their intuitive Gifts, get clarity on what they want to create in their life as well as discover what is stopping them from progressing or fully living their ROAR.

          As a deep thinker, analyzer and problem-solver, Jyll was notorious for living in her head until age 33.  Shortly after being introduced to Energy Transformation in 2003, Jyll began recognizing her own Intuitive Gifts.  Later she became a Reiki Master and Certified Crystal Healer.

          In 2011, Jyll created her own Jyllicious™ Intuitive Healing and Teaching style.  She specializes in connecting the dots between your Reality and your Energetic world.  She thrives on helping you make lasting shifts and transforming yourself in a way that is Authentic and brings you deep personal power — your ROAR!

          In 2014, Jyll used her Intuition to move from Seattle to Belize, Central America.  She always wanted to live South of the Border and her Intuition said “If not NOW, when?” and she took the leap.  Living in expansive energy allowed her Intuitive Gifts to grow at a supernatural rate and she was soon deemed a Master Psychic (well-versed in all the Clairs) by her Mentor.

          Jyll created the Soul Awakening Academy so people who wanted to know more about their Intuitive and Spiritual Gifts could gather, learn, grow and create amazing things in their life by accessing their own Inner Guidance!


          Treat Yourself to a Soul Roaring Transformation!

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