Intuition is an inner knowing or understanding of information without necessarily comprehending why it was brought to your awareness or from where it originated.  Intuition is that gut instinct we’ve all had and may or may not have listened to.

Intuition is something everyone has and can utilize to the fullest, some of the time, when it’s convenient, very rarely, or even not use it at all.

Why wouldn’t you use your intuition?  Maybe you don’t know how you are intuitive or how to tap into it (I can help you with that in the Academy).  Maybe you aren’t using your intuition because you are clouded by these things:

Thinking Too Much

Super Highway

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This is a biggie and one I struggled with quite a bit as I started tapping into my gifts.  Your brain is a superhighway that processes 200 Million Billion bits of information per second.  (200 Million Billion!!!)  If you have an active brain you are likely in it a lot which means you are living in your logical world instead of your feeling world.

When you live in your brain you miss out on feelings and impressions.  Begin to move from thinking to feeling.  It will feel weird at first but, trust me, you will like the results!  Start by getting quiet and paying attention to different sensations in your body or around you.  Instead of going into your brain to figure something out, ask your body/feelings.  Instead of thinking into something, feeeeel into it.

Not Trusting Yourself or Your Intuition

Trust is a choice.  You’ve probably had a gut feeling in the past, blew it off then recognized later that it was actually correct.  Hopefully, that only happens once before you decide to trust those inklings and nudges.  The main reason I teach to use a Vibe or Intuition Notebook is to build trust and confidence in yourself and your intuitive abilities.  When you are writing down intuitive vibes and marking if they are correct or incorrect it allows you to see in black and white how your intuition is working.  Make the decision to trust your intuition – always.  If you continue not to trust yourself or your intuition, there may be deeper reasons why in the form of an experience or energetic block.

Not Being Able To Distinguish Between Your Thoughts and Intuition

Being able to recognize what is a thought and what is intuition is paramount.  A good rule of thumb is that if it originated in your brain, it is not intuition.  Intuition comes in the form of random, fleeting bits of information or impressions.  Intuition is not emotional or logical, it is a sense.  It is an inner knowing (or seeing or hearing).  Our thinking is so automatic you may not recognize what your thoughts actually sound like.  Start by getting quiet 5 times throughout the day and tuning into what was going through your brain.  Notice the subject and word flow and tangents.  Next, tune into the silence and notice what you hear (or don’t hear).

Bad Experience

As children, many of us had active intuitive gifts that were unnerving or downright scary for us (i.e. seeing departed Spirits).  Many of us didn’t know what we were experiencing and to talk about it was taboo, misunderstood or brushed off.  If we do not comprehend what we are seeing and why it is likely we will not want to keep seeing it.  Many of us blocked or squelched our gifts.  With the age and experience of being an adult, we can allow those gifts to open up and come through again.

Feeling Off, Unbalanced, Ungrounded or Biased

Sometimes our intuition doesn’t come through or can be off (incorrect or we flat out aren’t sure what we are getting) because WE are energetically or emotionally off, unbalanced, or ungrounded.  If we are too close to a situation our biases may come through which could cause our intuition to flounder.  It can help to bounce your intuition off someone more intuitive than you.  A quick grounding exercise or meditation can also bring you back into balance.

Ignite Gifts Empower SoulAre you experiencing any of these?

Intuition is a powerful gift that when utilized will offer many insights into your life.  If you want to dive deeper into how to practice your intuition, improve on it, or solve the above problems, join us in the Clubhouse, Ignite Your Intuition!


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