Lessons are a big part of life.  They literally come with every experience!  Some lessons aren’t realized until way later, but that is okay!  Everything for a reason and in its time.

Life lessons – what I’ve learned over the course of my 47 years on earth:

1. Use and Trust your inner guidance, ALWAYS.

2. Learn how to manage money.  Learn to Save and Invest. Live debt free!


My 48th Journal, 2014

3. Daily rituals or action habits help create your dream life!

4. Read 15 minutes every day.

5. Keep a Journal.  Writing is a great way to process and release.

6. Eat consciously. Your body will tell you what it needs.

7. Use Humor and laugh regularly.  It’s highly useful in tough times.

8. Say YES more than you say NO.  Learn to say NO too, though.


9. Everyone has a ROAR inside of them.  Find it then let it out with passion and fervor!!!

10.  Get comfortable with your Body.  Accept it.  Love it.  Exercise it.  Listen to it.

11.  Make amends, especially with yourself!  Make peace with yourself about your part in the situation.  Choose to do/be better next time.

12.  Just choose already!  If you don’t like your choice, make a new/different one!

13. Feeeeeeeel more than you Think!Spirit Guides

14. You are not alone.  There are Guides and Angels watching over you. Tune in!

15. Your body CAN and WILL Heal itself.

16. Monitor your thoughts – choose the positive ones!

17.  Your dominant thoughts, feelings, and vibration create your reality.

18.  A healthy relationship (any kind) will have an even exchange of energy.  If it doesn’t, ask if you really want to be in it.

19.  Let go of Relationships/people that bring you down or constantly drain your energy.

20.  Really Care for yourself daily.  Be conscious of your body, mind, emotions, spirit, thoughts, attitudes, etc.

21.  Build Character.  Be willing to grow and change – your behavior, your perspective, your habits.

Build Character22.  Speak your truth.

23.  Take responsibility for your words and actions.

24.  Apologize.  And mean it.

25.  Words are Powerful.  Speak consciously and with pure intent.

26.  Love freely.  Hold nothing back.  Say “I love you” more.

27.  Soul mates can be found in Friends, Lovers, Pets, and even Strangers.  There is more than one soul mate out there for you.

28.  Life will be too long if you stay in a Job, Relationship, Location, etc. that doesn’t make you Roar!

29.  People do and say things because of their triggers, beliefs, and experiences, not because of you.

30.  Spend time figuring out who you are (preferably sooner rather than later).

Wake Surfing

Wake Surfing 2014

31.  Cry.  Let it out.  You will feel much better afterward.

32.  Find hobbies that you enjoy, then do them often.

33.  Try new things twice – to make sure you truly didn’t like it the first time!

34.  Be less serious.  Play!!  Be silly!  Have fun!

35.  Exercise regularly.  Find what works for your body and do it!!

36.  Take time to dwell, process, and learn from your life experiences.  Then move forward.

37.  Forgive quickly.  Release all grudges.  Try to see it from the other’s point of view.

38.  Purge regularly:  possessions, electronics, beliefs, body, relationships.


Skydiving and ROAR! 2013

39.  Take Risks.  You fear “it” simply because you haven’t done it yet = you have no frame of reference.

40.  Step out of your comfort zone.  This is where you will discover what you are made of and when you will truly Roar!!!  JUMP out of the airplane!! Get a new perspective!

41.  Find your PASSION then live it with everything you’ve got.


42.  Choices are neither right or wrong, good or bad, they just lead to different outcomes, consequences, experiences, and lessons.

43.  Take it down a thousand!  It is okay to chill.  Rest.  Relax.  Do nothing.

44.  Set Goals.  Take Baby Steps towards them every day.

45.  Go with the Flow.  Release attachment.  Embrace the divine timing of the Universe.

46.  Be who you are.  Be Real.  Be true to yourself.

47.  Dance.  Dance.  DANCE!!!  (Always!)

*cue Disco music*



Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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