In July of 2014, I was planning my annual Christmas Holiday Travel, choosing between re-visiting Costa Rica, or Belize – with the intention to stay.  My Intuition nudged me towards Belize.  That felt right – I could drink the water in this little fishing village of 1500 called Placencia, and Belize is an English speaking country.

I spent the next few months, purging my personal items, selling my condo all while noticing my Spirit Guides AND Intuition were both telling me that I wouldn’t be returning to Seattle.  Say W H A T!?

Thank you, Facebook for the reminder!  Four years ago today I had been in Belize for 15 days of my 2.5-week vacation when I decided to quit my job and stay!!!

I had wanted to move South of the Border from Seattle for decades.  I was 44.  I asked myself, “If not now, WHEN?”  I took the Leap!

It’s been four years, and that many years older and wiser in life (questionable to some I suppose!).

Here is what I have discovered by moving South of The Border (from Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.):


Placencia, BelizePlacencia is a Peninsula that is 19 miles long and half a mile wide.  The Caribbean Sea on one side, the Lagoon on the other.  It boasts its annual Arts and Crafts Festival in February, Easter Week in April, and Lobster Fest in June.  It’s great for diving, snorkeling, hiking nearby, and fishing.

When I got here, I was in vacation mode.  I talked to everyone.  There were a lot of synchronicities – meeting the exact people I needed to talk to about various aspects of my Business and life in Belize.  I love the Local Rum and Bittas.  Oh, Crimes!  Suffice it to say that I had a lot of fun that first year!

Belize policy makes it difficult to work or do Business for Expats.  I get it on the one hand – retain jobs for local Belizeans.  On the other hand, the potential revenue is being turned away.  You either have to have skills that locals do not have and get a Work Permit for a job.  Or you can wait until you’ve lived here full-time for a year, then apply for Residency.

Since I already had my Jyllicious™ Business set up, I opted for Residency (it took 2.5 years – I just got it a few months ago!).  I began focusing on my online Business which led to clients and students all over the world.

LOVE the Blue Sky, the rain storms (said no one in Seattle EVER!), and the warmer temperatures.

NOT a Fan of the Humidity or the Bugs who adore me (what exactly is the purpose of the Mosquito?  Sand Flea?  I mean Crimes!).

Shopping is nothing to shout about.  Choices are limited.  Customs, Duty, and Taxes are outrageous so shipping in items you need is expensive and takes a lot of time.  Getting parts for vehicles and boats and finding a knowledgeable mechanic can be difficult.

The mainland of Belize is rustic (well, Placencia is growing like a weed since I’ve been here).  Quaint hotels, boutiques, and shops.  Not a lot of commercialism, zero fast food chains (oh wait I think there was or is a Subway in Belize City), and lots of undeveloped land.


Belize is undeveloped and has a small population (375,000-ish people and the country is about the size of the State of Massachusetts or Wales in the U.K.).  The energy is very expansive.  This is great for Highly Sensitive Intuitives like myself.  Back in Seattle, there is noise, traffic, a huge population of people, concrete, buildings, etc.  All of this can block or muddle your Intuitive Gifts.

Binja69 / Pixabay

Highly Sensitive Intuitives and Empaths pick up EVERYTHING around them – the energy, the people (emotions, feelings, moods, energy, vibration), the environment, the animals, the nature, the buildings, and even the planetary energies and moon phases (well, those affect everyone whether they are aware or not!).

My Intuitive and Spiritual Gifts increased and expanded BIG TIME since living here, especially my Clairempathy (feeling other’s feelings, vibrations, energy).  Why?  Because there is NOTHING getting in the way.  Absolutely nothing!!  Belize has very calm energy – great for healing!


One of the things I was not at all prepared for was the way the Expat women treated other women.  AWFUL, just awful.  They act like Junior High girls in 50+-year-old women’s bodies.  It’s hard to wrap your head around, especially if you’ve never been gossiped about or bullied before.

I never once thought it would difficult to make friends here because Hello! I’m nice, personable, make a great friend and am easy-going.  For me, it has been tough and I’ve struggled with not having a support system (Yay for my friends back home and online friends – oh the Stories they have of the dysfunction here!).

People here like to excuse it and blame this behavior on small-town living, but being able to read Energy (and people) leads me to a completely different perspective.

It took me a while to figure out why I was always getting triggered when I went out into the village.  I could literally feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel certain people not liking me.  My gift expansion led to me actually FEELING and KNOWING the attitudes, thoughts, and emotions the other women have about me.  Once I figured out that my Clairempathy was off the charts, I was able to set up some Energetic Protections and Boundaries so I would receive the information and knowledge I needed, but not FEEL it.  This created a huge shift and made a big difference in how I felt in Placencia over the last two years.

I’m pleased to report that after about 3 years here, I started making some friends.  There is a great group of ladies now who meet up regularly for Game Night, Wine Night, Morning Mimosas, Lunch, Couple’s Dinner, and Celebration Parties.


Quitting my job and leaving everyone and everything that was comfortable to me provided a time of Deep Healing and Expansion.

I had to release and detox my Old Life while slowly finding my way in my New Life.

Being triggered by the Gossips, Bullies, and Mean Girls allowed me to heal more layers of my Life Lesson of Rejection.

My Intuitive and Spiritual Gifts expanded creating Supernatural growth.  This catapulted me into Master Psychic status.  It also led to some changes and growth in my Business that I would never have dreamed of (i.e. launching the Jyllicious™ Academy of Spiritual Growth where I mentor and teach Spiritual enthusiasts about their gifts).

jill111 / Pixabay

As a Highly Sensitive Psychic and largely an Introvert (though I’m technically an Ambivert) I relish in the quiet, slower pace, hearing the birds chirp, and doing my creative work from home in my sacred, safe, sanctuary.

The Simple Life

The Simple Life is where it’s at for me now.  This life.

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