Triggers.  You’ve had them, but maybe you haven’t recognized them.

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I was going to write about something else today but I have been affected by a Trigger and thought I’d use it to show how we can Tackle them.

Triggers are things in life that come up and cause us to have an emotional charge.  Most likely this charge is Negative and we get  F I R E D   U P !!!!

When we are Triggered it is an indicator that something isn’t resolved or healed.

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Here is the (hopefully) short story about my current Trigger:

The backstory:  When I was 5 years old my parents saw that I had musical talent so they bought a piano.  I had lessons until I was a teenager and thought I didn’t want or need them anymore.

At 18, I left Seattle and attended college in Utah.  A few years later, my parents decided to sell our house and build their dream house.  I went home for a surprise visit at my Birthday and told them both, “I want the piano.  Whatever you do, don’t get rid of it.”  I was 22.

A few months later they called me all excited because they had had a garage sale and Dad exclaims, “We sold the piano to a really nice lady!”

My reaction?  I   L O S T   I T !!!!!!!   I don’t remember what all was said but I was so angry and eventually hung up on them.  Mom sent me a letter apologizing.  This isn’t about my parent’s decision, it is about my reaction and what it stirred up.

Under the anger was a deep hurt.  Hurt that they didn’t listen to me, that they didn’t know me and how important the piano was.

**Note — my Life Lessons are around rejection/abandonment, undeserving/ unworthy, and feeling invisible.  All of which I have done a ton of work on in both Counseling and Energy Healing.

In 2010, I splurged big money ($8000 smackeroos – gulp!) and bought a brand new digital Yamaha piano/keyboard.  I was actually scared of the thing it could do so much!

When I left for Belize the agreement was that the piano would stay in the condo and my Stuff would stay in the on-site storage unit.

Since I’ve been in Belize (4 years now), I have gotten about at least a dozen emails from Mom that my nephew needs space (my parents bought the condo and he lives in it) and telling me I need to get rid of the piano.

HUGE T R I G G E R ! ! ! ! !

Talking about the piano takes me back to my early twenty’s and losing my first piano.  It makes me feel helpless, weak, unheard, unlistened to, like I don’t matter, like I don’t deserve to have the piano.

It mostly gives me a lot of anxiety that they will up and get rid of the piano and there is nothing I can do about it as I am 3,8000 miles away.

Are you feeling me?  CRIMES!!!

T R I G G E R ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

That first piano was an extension of ME.  The piano was/is a big part of my identity.

This new piano is MINE, something that I spent hard-earned money on, something I claimed as my own and that NO ONE would ever be able to take away from me.

The Piano Trigger signifies another layer of my Life Lessons is ready to be healed.  BRUTAL but what a great way to smack me in the face, draw my attention to it, and encourage me to heal it again on another, maybe deeper, level.

I’m almost 49 and Triggered.  I mean crimes, it’s just a piano – I don’t know how I would ship it to Belize or if this would even be a good environment for it.  I do want it…but maybe I should find it a home in the meantime – someone who can use it.  I’m not using it.  My nephew isn’t using it.

It’s “just” a piano.

It’s not about the piano – it’s about the Life Lessons.

Next time you are emotionally charged about something, remember this story (you’re welcome, HA)!

3 Steps to Tackling Triggers

Stop and consciously tune into your emotions – become aware of what they are.

What are they telling you?  What do they connect to?  Where are they coming from?

Dig a little deeper into what the Trigger/Emotions could really be about.

Hint:  It usually isn’t about what triggered you!

Ask yourself if there are recurring emotions or themes in these triggers and what, from childhood, you can connect them to.

I’ve been investigating other triggers while writing this and the common theme all leads back to one or more of those Life Lessons.

Alrighty then!  (BREATHE)  I’m off to figure out how to Heal this at the energetic level!  Wish me luck!

Here’s to noticing, acknowledging, digging deep and then healing your Triggers!!  Let me know if I can help – some of these are doozies aren’t they!


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