This was an exciting read about how the energies of the New Moon assist in making all your dreams come true. Wishes will come true once the seeds are planted, maybe not immediately but in the coming months. Make your wishes within the first 8 hours of the New Moon for best results but at least within 48 hours after. Hand write your wishes (no typing!) and date them. You can make up to 10 wishes on a New Moon. What sign the new moon falls in can also be helpful while making wishes, due to the energies already in the atmosphere. For example, coming up later this month, the New Moon will be in Libra. Wish for the following based on what things rule Libra:

New Moon in Libra Sept 27 at 3:10 AM PST

What to wish for:
Marriage/Relationship – partnerships, agreements, sharing, interdependence
Negotiation Skills – balance, equality, appreciation of opposite viewpoints, counseling
Harmony – peace, beauty, art, decorations
Teamwork – giving/receiving support, collaboration, supportive relationships, cooperation, team identity
Sociability/diplomacy – being companionable, tact, getting along with others, one-on-one interactions
Refinement – luxury, elegance, pampering, good taste, grace
Healing codependency – appeasing behaviors, indecision, aimless debate

Restoring health: adrenal glands, buttocks, diabetes (sugar imbalance), kidneys

I am excited to start consciously wishing for things during the New Moon and watch my new life unfold!

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